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Robyn Whitworth

Robyn Whitworth


Whitworth received her Bachelor’s of Business Management and her Associate’s of Applied Sciences in Culinary Arts, from BYU-Idaho

As an adjunct faculty member at BYU-Idaho she had the opportunity to teach basic baking techniques to university students and had her eyes opened not only to the positive aspect that learning to confidently cook has on young adults, but also to the importance of the skill to basic living.

As a mother of four she has come to understand the importance of nutrition for children at all stages of life as well as the importance of teaching them in the home about cooking, food preparation, where our food comes from and how to grow their own food.

Having a husband diagnosed with Celiac Disease (an intolerance to wheat, barley, and rye) has presented not only the opportunity for her to become a self motivated researcher for food allergies, but a food scientist in her own kitchen.

Whitworth was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in February 2012, and has researched the disease thoroughly as well as the causes and processes for reversal. She has successfully used the knowledge she gained about foods, diet, and exercise to successfully reverse her symptoms and achieve optimal health and physical fitness.

As a family of six—mom, dad, two boys and two girls, the Whitworth’s are the classic family. They love to play together on God's playground—the mountains, lakes, National Parks, and in their own backyard. They love music (especially belting out Disney songs), snuggling in the cool basement with a good movie and dad's kettle corn, gardening, jumping on the trampoline, and have a closet full of well used board games.

Whitworth is a self-motivated researcher. She enjoys traditional research with a theory, uncountable library visits and stacks of books with pages marked, medical and other professional journals all tagged on the computer, and finding conclusions and answers about things she wants to know the truth about—including gospel topics.

Piano playing and singing are hobbies that have blessed her family and the church.

She enjoys recreational running and she even has several races under her belt.