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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

What I Wish I Had Known About Child Development Before I Became a Parent

Taught by Kynda Roberts


Day Time Location
Saturday, August 3 2 p.m. Hinckley 203
Kynda Roberts

Kynda Roberts


Kynda Roberts received her M.S. in Psychology from Utah State University. She has taught Developmental Psychology at three different schools: BYU-Idaho (five years), Salt Lake Community College (six years), and Bessemer State College in Birmingham, Alabama (three years).

She has been happily married to Eric Roberts for 19 years and has four children: Harrison-14, Adria-11, Nelah-7, and Davis-4. They live in Idaho Falls.

Roberts just ran the Boston Marathon in April. “Despite its tragic ending, the race was wonderful and I felt very grateful for the opportunity to be involved.”

Class Outline

Parents are always trying to decide where to "draw the line" with their children. Setting boundaries for acceptable behavior, emotional reactions and obedience is always challenging. This section will focus on the cognitive and social/emotional changes of children. Specific topics will include social referencing, emotional contagion and self-esteem. We will also discuss parenting attitudes, styles and practices.

Learning Objectives:

1.    Emotional Contagion
a.     Definition and application
2.    Social Referencing
a.     Definition and examples
b.     Small Group discussion - application of social referencing to
        specific situations
c.     Small Group discussion - brainstorm possible situations for
3.    Parenting styles
a.     Boundaries - how to set them
b.     Overpraising  - dangers of
c.     Small Group discussion - using praise correctly
4.    Self-esteem - definition and application
a.     Small Group discussion - ways to improve self-esteem