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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

Aaron’s Rod—A Type of Jesus Christ

Taught by Donald Parry


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 4 p.m. Ricks 173
Donald Parry

Donald Parry


Donald W. Parry, Ph.D., is a professor of the Hebrew Bible. He has served as a member of the International Team of Translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls since 1994. He researches the scrolls in Jerusalem and then publishes his research in books and articles. He has authored or edited 33 books, 10 of which pertain to the scrolls and five dealing with the writings of Isaiah.

For Latter-day Saint audiences, Parry has authored a number of books, including: Angels: Agents of Light, Love, and Power; Symbols and Shadows: Unlocking a Deeper Understanding of the Atonement; and Understanding Isaiah. Parry has also authored other books on Isaiah, ancient temples, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

He is married to Camille Parry and they are the parents of six children. Parry enjoys camping with his family and going on walks with Camille.

Class Outline

The narrative that sets forth Aaron and his rod (see Num. 17) includes symbols that teach us of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. These include (a) the rod and its power; (b) the almonds; (c) the miraculous rod that budded, blossomed, and yielded almonds all at once; and (d) the rod was placed in the ark of the covenant.

Learning Objectives:  

  1. The incident pertaining to Korah, Dathan, and Abiram plus 250 rebels prompted the revelation regarding the rod of Aaron. (Num. 16)
  2. The Lord commanded Moses each of the 12 tribes take a rod and place them in the holy of holies. (Num. 17)
  3. The rod of Aaron budded, blossomed, and "yielded almonds" (Num. 17:8)-a great miracle, which points to Jesus Christ's Life and his Resurrection.
  4. This rod was placed in the Ark of the Covenant along with two other symbols of Jesus Christ (Ex. 4:2-4; 7:9-20; Ex. 25:31-39; Num. 16-17; D&C 8:6-9).
  5. Aaron the high priest is a type of Jesus, the Great High Priest. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland wrote, "God has ordained priests 'after the order of his Son' . . . They have been ordained in a way that serves as a type and shadow of Christ, letting the people know in what manner they may look forward to the Son of God for redemption" (Christ and the New Covenant, 116).

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