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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

BYU–Idaho Online Opportunities

Taught by Brandie Miguel


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 1 p.m. Taylor 120
Brandie Miguel

Brandie Miguel


Brandie Miguel attended Ricks College, where she joined the Church and received her associate’s degree in general studies. After finishing her associate’s degree, Brandie served a full-time mission in Leeds, England. Upon returning from her mission, she finished her education at BYU where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in family, home and social science. Brandie’s career path has led her to many amazing experiences from San Francisco to Greenwich, Connecticut, and a few interesting stops in between on her way back to Rexburg, Idaho where she now works as the online programs coordinator for BYU-Idaho. Brandie loves to travel, as time permits, and has enjoyed every opportunity to serve in the many church callings she has held in the Primary, Young Women and Relief Society. Her very favorite thing is to share her time and talents in building the kingdom of God.

Class Outline

As members of the church, we are counseled to obtain as much education as we are able. For many, obtaining an education requires much sacrifice. There are others that do not have access to an education. Even so, there are some that started an education but were unable to finish due to circumstances or other obligations. BYU-Idaho offers many online options that can help you to finish the education you started or fulfill your dream of obtaining an education you never thought you would be able to achieve. Here are some inspirational and motivational words to ponder regarding the importance of an education.

Learning Objectives:

A. High School Concurrent Enrollment

  1. The High School Concurrent Enrollment Program is for high school juniors and seniors interested in taking college level courses through BYU-Idaho.
  2. We will discuss the courses available through Concurrent Enrollment.
  3. We will outline the application process and requirements for the program.

B. Online Degree Program

  1. The Online Degree Program at BYU-Idaho is for individuals who have obtained at least 15 previous credits at a Church Education System school.
  2. We will review the degrees available online.
  3. We will outline the application process to the Online Degree Program.

C. Pathway Program

  1. We will explore the purpose of the Pathway Program.
  2. We will discuss the Pathway Program's history and growth.
  3. The Pathway Program has had many deep and meaningful effects on the lives of its students and volunteers.
  4. We will share the ways that you can get involved with the Pathway Program in a site near you.

D. Speaking Partner volunteer opportunities

  1. The Speaking Partner Program provides non-native English speaking Pathway students an opportunity to practice speaking English.
  2. We will discuss how the Speaking Partner Program works and how you can get involved.

E. Online instructor recruiting

  1. As the Pathway and Online Degree Programs grow, BYU-Idaho has need for more adjunct faculty.
  2. We will discuss the ways in which you will find out more about these opportunities.
  3. Tell a friend.

Additional Materials