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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

What Scholarly Research Can Tell Us About the Jaredites

Taught by Daris Howard


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 11 a.m. Taylor 276
Daris Howard

Daris Howard


Daris Howard received his associate’s degree from Ricks College in 1984, his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from BYU 1986, and his Master of Science in Mathematics from Utah State University 1988.

Brother Howard went to Peru with a team of faculty, each researching specific fields in order to share knowledge while on their trip. Daris' key area of research involved the archeology work of Thor Heyerdahl and some related writings of Hugh Nibley. The work of these men, along with others, are the basis for his presentation.

Brother Howard is the father of ten children, with eight girls and two boys. He also has five grandchildren.

Brother Howard is a nationally, weekly syndicated columnist of short stories. He is the author of ten published books, ten plays and two musicals. He has also won many writing awards.

Class Outline

Both Mormon and Moroni felt a great need to include the story of the ancient civilization of the Jaredites.  Not only are there great things to learn from the book of Ether itself, but there are fascinating scientific studies, that give much insight into these people and what we can learn from them.

Course Objectives:

  1. The understanding of the world at the time of Joseph Smith.
  2. Our cultural view of the world.
  3. Notes on the Jaredites by Hugh Nibley (The World Of The Jaredites)
  4. Understanding we can gain from archeology.  (Thor Heyerdahl - Kontiki)
  5. More understanding from modern science that pulls it all together.
  6. To seek understanding of the scriptures through science.  The Lord tells us to seek out of the best books (D&C 88:118) but if that is the only way, our testimony will be shallow at best.  We must seek a true testimony in God's way. (The Lord's Way - Dallin Oaks)

Additional Materials