Seeking Permission

Request Permission

Permission to use copyrighted material is required if your proposed use does not qualify as fair use or another exemption in the copyright law.

Penalties for copyright infringement may potentially be very costly for the individual and the University. An award of up to $150,000 for each act of willful infringement may be levied. When in doubt regarding the use of materials, seek copyright permission.

Printed and online items often contain copyright notices that provide information regarding materials use and permissions. These notices may indicate special rights for educational use, provide general guidelines, or present information on how to contact the owner to obtain permission. If a web page does not contain a copyright notice, send an e-mail using an appropriate mail link on the site and ask for permission to use the item. If the material is not online and no Web site can be found to expedite the permission process, it will be necessary to send the copyright owner (or if that is not known, the publisher) a letter to request permission to use the material.

Determining where to go to seek copyright permission can be a rather daunting task. If the work is part of a book or a journal article, you should first check to see if it is covered by our Annual Academic License with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). If the CCC does not handle the material for which you seek permission, or if it's not available under our existing license, you must contact the copyright owner, most likely the author or publisher.

Follow this link for information on using content from the Church.

For assistance in seeking permissions from copyright holders, please submit a permissions request and contact the Intellectual Property Rights Specialist.