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Recreational Sports Employment Page

Thank you for showing interest in working in RecSports! It is a great organization to work for and we are focused on building leadership skills in students that will carry over into all other areas of their lives.

RecSports has paid positions as well as volunteer positions each semester. The following is the list of positions offered within BYU-Idaho's Recreational Sports program.

To apply please have a resume and cover letter complete and submit them in the application questionaire. Click on the position to apply. Please complete it, there is not a save option so once you start you need to finish.

Job Title                      Application Deadlines

Area Director              

  • Area Director


  • Events Director           
  • Development Director      
  • Operations Supervisor


  • Scheduling Coordinator                                           
  • Games Management Coordinator              
  • Games Management Assistant Coordinator 
  • Events Coordinator                                 
  • Clinics/Classes Coordinator                     
  • Contest Coordinator                             
  • Marketing Coordinator                             
  • Strategic Development Coordinator
  • Current Programming Coordinator

Managers                                           10-6-14 due by midnight

  • Games Leads
  • Scheduling Specialist       
  • Events Managers
  • Clinics/Tournaments Manager
  • Games Lead
  • Contests Manager
  • Graphic Design Manager
  • Video Productions Manager
  • Photo Productions Manager
  • Statistics Manager
  • Programming Manager

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