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Game of the Week Broadcast Schedule

Date/Time                        Sport                            Teams                                    Location

Sat. May 17th

1:00-3:00 pm
Track & Field All Teams Stadium
Sat. May 31st 6:00 pm Women's Lacrosse Spartans Vs. Knights Stadium
Sat. May 31st 8:00 pm Men's Lacrosse Spartans Vs. Hawks Stadium
Fri. June 6th 5:00 pm Golf All Teams Teton Lakes
Sat. June 7th 10:00 am Tennis Knights Vs. Hawks East Tennis Courts
Sat. June 14 7:00 pm Softball Knights Vs. Vikings 4-plex Field 4
Sat. June 21 6:00pm Women's Ultimate Spartans Vs. Hawks Stadium
Sat. June 21 8:00pm Men's Ultimate Spartans Vs. Hurricanes Stadium