Racquetball Courts Open from:

Monday-Saturday 5a.m.-11:30p.m

Location: Lower west end of the Hart Building, behind the Fitness Center.

Free play in the Hart Building requires the use of the BYU-Idaho Approved Exercise Clothing*

To Reserve a Court call 208-496-7480.


Equipment rentals are available.

Return to Exercise Facilities page.

*Approved Exercise Clothing does not grant access into the Hart Building. Visitors must pay a fee for a pass to use the building.

Have questions? Call us at 208-496-7480

Or in person at Hart 202


Activities Resource Staff:

Activities Resource Staff, is a student led organization dedicated to creating a positive experience for those who come to the Hart Building/BYU-Idaho Center. The staff is identified by the red shirts and colored name tags.  They are available to give assistance, answer questions and respond to concerns.

Racquetball Courts:

Location: Lower west end of the Hart Building, behind the Fitness Center.

Usage: There are five racquetball courts that can be used for either racquetball or wallyball.

Racquetball courts are the only court space that can be reserved through the Hart Building. All other reservations need to be made through the Scheduling Office (208) 496-3120.

Rules for the Racquetball Courts:

  1. Reservation of racquetball courts may be made the day of, starting at 5 a.m.

  2. Reservations can be made by telephone (496-7480) or in person at the Hart Equipment Room (Hart 202).

  3. Participants are only allowed to reserve one racquetball court per person per hour.

  4. Reservations are done hourly, starting with a new reservation each hour on the hour.

  5. There is not a charge for failing to show up for your reserved time. However, courts will become forfeit at 10 minutes after the hour.