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Outdoor Resource Center


Located under the BYU-I Stadium
M 8am-6pm
T-F 9am-7pm
Sat 7am-7pm

About the ORC

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About the ORC

The ORC has implemented new rental policies and pricing structures. Please see below for details. An updated price sheet will be available later in the week.

The price changes are effective April 2nd. This is in anticipation of having an online reservation system by the end of summer. The details of the changes are noted below. ​ Generally, the overall rental prices at the ORC have gone down and the new policies should alleviate some reservation problems we have had in the past. ...

About the ORC

1. Rentals will now be charged per business day rather than for a 24-hour period. As such, items picked up and returned on the same business day will see a price decrease from current rental prices. Rentals spanning two business days will see a slight price increase over the former 24-hour rental price.
2. The multi-day discount has been simplified and is reflected in the new price structure.
3. Group rates (defined as renting 6 or more similar items) will get a 15% discount.
4. Saturday to Monday rentals will be treated as 2 business days. As always, we will not charge for Sundays.
5. Rentals will be due by close on the last day of the rental period.

Example: X-C ski package was $12 for 24hrs. It will now be $9 for the first business day and $6 for each day after the first. So, a two day price will be $15. 

It is the hope of the ORC that these changes will make the business run better and reduce confusion about when items are due back and availalble. 

The Outdoor Resource Center is an auxiliary organization located on the campus of BYU-Idaho that serves the needs of students, employees and community members. 

The Outdoor Resource Center is committed to the vision of giving people affordable access to outdoor activities through rentals and sales. Whether you're looking to rent some big equipment or just looking for an idea of where to plan your next outing, the ORC has what you need to explore Southeast Idaho. The ORC has equipment for all kinds of outdoor adventures: from camping to kayaking, rock climbing to cross country skiing.  The ORC also provides maintenance on skis, snowboards, bikes and other items.



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Located under the BYU-I Stadium <br /> M 8am-6pm<br /> T-F 9am-7pm<br /> Sat 7am-7pm<br /><br /> (208)496-7337