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Outdoor Resource Center


Located under the BYU-I Stadium
M 8am-6pm
T-F 9am-7pm
Sat 7am-7pm

About the ORC

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About the ORC

The Outdoor Resource Center is an auxiliary organization located on the campus of BYU-Idaho that serves the needs of students, employees and community members. 
The Outdoor Resource Center is committed to the vision of giving people affordable access to outdoor activities through rentals and sales. Whether you're looking to rent some big equipment or just looking for an idea of where to plan your next outing, the ORC has what you need to explore Southeast Idaho. The ORC has equipment for all kinds of outdoor adventures: from camping to kayaking, rock climbing to cross country skiing.  The ORC also provides maintenance on skis, snowboards, bikes and other items. ...

About the ORC

The Outdoor Resource Center is having a winter clearance sale. All winter hats, gloves and accessories are now 30% off. 


Spring Garage Sale

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Spring Garage Sale

The ORC will be hosting a Spring Garage Sale.  The sale will go from 9:00AM to 5:00PM on March 22. This is on a Wednesday an not our normal gear sale day. 

This sale will feature Nordic Skis, Alpine Skis, Boots, Tracker Beacons, and other winter items. 

The terms of the sale are as follows:

1. All items are sold as is, and on a first come first serve basis.

2. No returns, exchanges, or refunds on sale items.

3. Payment must be made at the time of the sale in cash, check, campus account or CC.

Student and Community Garage Sale

Students are encouraged to bring their used outdoor gear to sell. In past years students have been able to sell snowboards, skis, boots, and other outdoor items. The great thing about our student sale is it is free of charge. No handling fees or service charges....

Spring Garage Sale

Terms and limitations of the student sale:

1. All items must be at the sale before 9AM. Items brought after this time will not be accepted.

2. All items must be clearly marked and priced by the owner of the equipment.

3. A List describing each item for sale must be provided to the ORC.

4. Payment for sold items will be in the form of a credit to a campus account or mailed by check. No payments will be received before Thursday the following week.

5. All unsold items must be picked up by close at 7PM on Saturday. Any items left will be taken to DI on Monday morning.

DescriptionSizeQuantity Price$ 
Nordic SkiSmall5 $    60.00
Nordic SkiMedium5 $    60.00
Nordic SkiLarge5 $    60.00
Nordic SkiXL5 $    60.00
Nordic Boot393 $    20.00
Nordic Boot403 $    20.00
Nordic Boot413 $    20.00
Nordic Boot423 $    20.00
Nordic Boot433 $    20.00
Nordic Boot443 $    20.00
Nordic Boot453 $    20.00
Nordic Boot463 $    20.00
Nordic Boot473 $    20.00
Alpin Ski BootW 71 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootW7.51 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootW81 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootW8.51 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootW91 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootW101 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM81 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM91 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM9.51 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM101 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM11.51 $    35.00
Alpin Ski BootM121 $    35.00
Alpine Ski1341 $  100.00
Alpine Ski1421 $  100.00
Alpine Ski1503 $  100.00
Alpine Ski1583 $  100.00
Alpine Ski1663 $  100.00
Alpine Ski1741 $  100.00
Snowboard Boots51 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots61 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots71 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots83 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots93 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots103 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots113 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots123 $    20.00
Snowboard Boots132 $    20.00
BCA Tracker BeaconsTracker 2 Beacon8 $    80.00
AirBoardsClassic Size12 $    30.00
Kites----Power Kitesvarious sizes and styles6 $    50.00 and down
Snow Shoesvarious sizes and styles12 $    40.00
Takoon Ice ToolsGrivel2$50/each tool


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Located under the BYU-I Stadium <br /> M 8am-6pm<br /> T-F 9am-7pm<br /> Sat 7am-7pm<br /><br /> (208)496-7337