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Recreational Sports is a great area to be involved with. With endless opportunities for volunteer help we are always accepting volunteer applications.

Leadership opportunities are exciting and allow students to lead and grow while having fun. For more specific information about leadership within Recreational Sports e-mail or call 496-7300.


Student Leadership Application

Area Director

Area Director

A Student Area Director oversees an entire area of Activities. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training, and empowering the Student Directors in their area. They also meet with other Student Area Directors to counsel about Activities-wide issues.



Though not involved in the tactical planning and execution of events, coordinators oversee specific programs in Activities. They lead, train, counsel and help managers succeed as they run programs and events.



As a director, you'll have the opportunity to direct, teach, train, counsel, and provide vision to students who are building programs and events in Activities. In this position you'll learn, stretch, grow and also help grow others.


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Managers build and work with volunteer committees to run specific activities or events. Mangers receive training, direction and guidance from coordinators and directors and then have the opportunity to "act" as they work with volunteer staff to pull things together.



Volunteer staff make up the largest group of students that help run Activities. Being a staff member is a great way to jump in and get involved, develop skills, meet people and help create exciting events and programs at BYU-Idaho. Volunteers work with managers who oversee the planning, organization and execution of specific events and programs.


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