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Social Activities is a great way to break out of your shell and have fun. There are numerous opportunities throughout the semester to help, whether you're helping with a weekly dance or planning a rodeo you'll find great ways to be involved. The position information below outlines what you can expect from volunteering to lead as part of the Social Board.


Student Leader Application



Area Director

Area Director

A Student Area Director oversees an entire area of Activities. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training, and empowering the Student Directors in their area. They also meet with other Student Area Directors to counsel about Activities-wide issues.


Social Activities has a few options for Coordinator positions. Read about them below:

Social | Events / Dance Coordinator Application

The student in this position will work with managers to plan ongoing campus events. The Coordinator does not actually plan the event, but rather, supports the Managers in their individual and committee responsibilities.

Must be available for weekly meetings. A Social Board meeting is held on Mondays at 5 P.M. and a Coordinators Council is held Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:00.
Take turns conducting weekly Social Board Meeting.
Attend weekly Coordinators meeting
Hold one-on-ones with managers at least every other week while maintaining weekly contact.

Ability to work well with others, provide support and feedback to committee.

Provide oversight of ongoing events occurring the current Semester. Organization, delegation, and follow-up are key elements of success in this position.

Must plan and attend one overnight retreat.

Social Activities - Publicity Coordinator

Publicity Coordinators provide leadership and feedback to Managers and Volunteers as they publicize and promote events. Most areas of Activities have a Publicity Coordinator for each category. There are two main components to the responsibilities of the Publicity Coordinator.

Leadership Role

The Publicity Coordinator works with individual program and event managers to organize their promotional efforts. They help managers inform students about upcoming events and invite them to participate. They are also responsible to make the best use of the publicity and marketing budget allocated to each area and/or category. This requires coordination with Student Managers, Student Coordinators and Student Directors. The majority of the Publicity Coordinators' time will be spent functioning in this role.

Specialized Role

The Publicity Coordinator also works with Activities Communications in a specialized role to provide publicity and marketing direction to event and program managers. Publicity Coordinators work with Activities Communications to receive training and advice. Publicity Coordinators understand BYU-Idaho and Activities guidelines for use of logos, images and appropriate language when publicizing events. They provide feedback to Student Managers and their volunteers when creating printed and electronic promotions for their events. Coordinators do not need to be graphic designers, copywriters or advertising specialists, but a strong interest in written and visual communication will contribute to a positive experience.

Time Commitment for Coordinators

5-7 hours per week.


The Social Director is ultimately responsible to oversee all of the events/programs created and put on within Social-Events and to make sure that these events meet the mission statement for Social-Activities. Each of these events has a Coordinator who reports to the Director; the Director is responsible to teach/train/mentor these Coordinators. The Director and Coordinators form a council and the Director leads this council. The Director is required to attend between four to six meetings each week. Additional meetings will most likely be required. The Director should expect to put in 10 hours per week.

Must have at least a 2.5 GPA

Must be a full-time on-track student

Cannot have more than 129 credits

Weekly Meetings:

Conduct weekly planning meetings

Attend student activities council meetings once a month

Attend weekly meeting with your advisor and area director.

Attend weekly Coordinators Meeting


Mangers are responsible to actually create, plan and carry out events and activities. The Manager is responsible to recruit and then teach/train/mentor a council who will assist the Manager in creating, planning and carrying out of events and activities that meet the mission statement and vision for Social-Activities. Managers regularly report to and are trained by Coordinators. The Manager is required to attend at least one meeting during the week- the Social Board meeting and attend one overnight retreat during the semester. Additional meetings will most likely be required as circumstances and events require.


Volunteers make up the core of those who actually do the work of creating, planning, and carrying out events and programs. Generally, volunteers in each area of Social-Events area are organized into committees depending on interests. These councils are led by a Program Manager. Volunteers can expect to be taught/trained/mentored by the Program Managers and to receive assignments from the Managers that pertain to the event. Meetings that pertain to the event will be required as will regularly reporting to the Program Manager. Volunteers are where the "rubber hits the road" in Activities and are extremely valuable to the success of what we do.