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Outdoor Activities is an exciting place to learn and grow. Student leadership positions within Outdoor Activities empower students to lead others, learn valuable life skills, and make a difference for others.


Student Leader Application


There are several ways to get involved in serving and lifting others as outlined below.

Area Director

Area Director

A Student Area Director oversees an entire area of Activities. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training, and empowering the Student Directors in their area. They also meet with other Student Area Directors to counsel about Activities-wide issues.



Though not involved in the tactical planning and execution of events, coordinators oversee specific programs in Activities. They lead, train, counsel and help managers succeed as they run programs and events. In Outdoor there are coordinator positions for Recreation and Skills and Publicity.


Recreation and Skills Coordinators
These coordinator positions are not open for application. They are offered by invitation only of the advisors as they require specific experience and skill sets. 

The only coordinator position that takes applications in Outdoor is the Publicity Coordinator.


Publicity Coordinator - Publicity Coordinators provide leadership and feedback to Managers and Volunteers as they publicize and promote events. This position is a time commitment of 5-7 hours per week. There are two main components to the responsibilities of the Publicity Coordinator.


Leadership Role

The Publicity Coordinator works with individual program and event managers to organize their promotional efforts. They help managers inform students about upcoming events and invite them to participate. They are also responsible to make the best use of the publicity and marketing budget allocated to each area and/or category. This requires coordination with Student Managers, Student Coordinators and Student Directors. The majority of the Publicity Coordinators' time will be spent functioning in this role.


Specialized Role

The Publicity Coordinator also works with Activities Communications in a specialized role to provide publicity and marketing direction to event and program managers. Publicity Coordinators work with Activities Communications to receive training and advice. Publicity Coordinators understand BYU-Idaho and Activities guidelines for use of logos, images and appropriate language when publicizing events. They provide feedback to Student Managers and their volunteers when creating printed and electronic promotions for their events. Coordinators do not need to be graphic designers, copywriters or advertising specialists, but a strong interest in written and visual communication will contribute to a positive experience.



As a director, you'll have the opportunity to direct, teach, train, counsel, and provide vision to students who are building programs and events in Activities. In this position you'll learn, stretch, grow and also help grow others.

The outdoor director helps guide the efforts of coordinators for recreation and skills as they lead the managers in their area.


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Managers build and work with volunteer committees to run specific activities or events. Mangers receive training, direction and guidance from coordinators and directors and then have the opportunity to "act" as they work with volunteer staff to pull things together.

Trip Leader

Trip leaders are the heart of Outdoor Activities. Trip Leaders lead the activities and get outdoors.

Volunteers make up the largest group of students that help run Activities. Being a volunteer is a great way to jump in and get involved, develop skills, meet people and help create existing events and programs at BYU-Idaho. Volunteers work under the direction of managers who oversee the planning, organization and execution of specific events and programs.

Outdoor trips include everything from Geocaching to Whitewater Rafting to Tin Can Backpacker Stove Construction. Event details can be found on the Outdoor Activities main page and listing of available trips to lead are listed in the student leader application itself.