Make an Appointment with a tutor

Please use our calendar. to schedule an appointment with a writing tutor. If you have questions or would like to check current tutor availability please chat with us or email at

Online Writing Help Hours

Monday 9:00-6:40pm
Tuesday 9:00-7:50 pm
(Closed at 2:00-3:00pm for devotional)
Wednesday 9:00-9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00-9:00 pm
(Closed at 2:00-3:00pm for forum)
Friday 9:00-6:40 pm

Tutors create a supportive and resource-rich environment where writers of all disciplines can enhance their writing skills, consider a reader's response to their writing, discuss revision strategies and writing principles, and increase their confidence and writing ability.

Check-in for your Appointment

At the time of your appointment, please send us a chat to check-in. You will be directed to one of the chat rooms below to visit with your assigned tutor and begin your session. Be respectful of other students who may be completing their session when entering the chat room. Enter the room as a “Guest” and type your name. Login information is not necessary.

Note for Students: Keep in mind that the tutor is not a "fix-it" person who will go through your paper and fix editing errors; instead, tutors offer suggestions and explanations of key writing principles as they relate to your work. Always follow the advice of your instructor and remember that the paper is yours; you must take responsibility for the suggested revisions you choose to incorporate in your final draft.

If you know you will be unable to make your appointment, please cancel it or let us know so we can cancel it for you. When students fail to show up for appointments it costs the university $10, and we are unable to help other students who could have been helped during that time.

Note for Instructors: Due to the large numbers of online/pathway students, we ask that instructors do not require or provide special incentives to students for using the service.