About Build

The idea of the BUILD program was first conceived by BYU-Idaho President Kim Clark in 2010. Since that time the goal has been to provide as many meaningful academic service opportunities for BYU-Idaho students as possible. Students now have one place they can turn for academic volunteering. Thousands of students have given back academically to their peers and developed valuable experience as disciple leaders. This program has helped students build their resumes, enhance their skill sets and ultimately bring out the best in themselves and others.

Our Mission:

1.       Offer academic services that are beneficial to students and faculty
2.       Increase the number of meaningful academic service opportunities for student volunteerism and disciple leadership development
3.       Maintain a safe environment that fosters academic success and personal growth
4.       Preserve student leadership with students building themselves and others
5.       Support the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and BYU - Idaho's mission

Contact Us:

BUILD- Academic Service Opportunity Center

David O. McKay Library 259
2nd floor. East Wing
(208) 496-4296