Transition Cap

Academic Transitions is a unique program at BYU-Idaho which is based on the belief that all admitted students can succeed.  It is composed of carefully designed math, English, and college success courses to help bridge the gaps that many students have when they enter BYU-Idaho for the first time.

These courses are available to ALL students, but, based on entrance exam scores, some students are required to take transitional classes within their first 30 credits at BYU-Idaho.  For these students, the transitional class becomes a prerequisite for the related Foundations of English 101 and/or Foundations of Math 108 classes.

New students should also register for the GS105 College Success course (2 credits) within the first 30 credits at the university.

English 106 - Basic Writing


Contact the BYU-Idaho English department with your questions at or (208) 496-4360.

Students with the following scores are required to take English 106:

  • an ACT English Sub Score less than 16
  • (if you took the SAT before 2016) an SAT Critical Reading Sub Score less than 390
  • (if you took the SAT during or after 2016) an SAT Writing and Language Test Score less than 23*

*Note: This is the Test Score, NOT the Section Score.

These students must receive a passing grade in English 106 before they can register for Foundations of English 101.

If you have previously completed a college or university level English course, or if you have scored above the required minimum sub scores listed, you may be eligible for a waiver of the English 106 requirement.

Math 100A - Arithmetic and Math 100B - Beginning Algebra


The following ACT or SAT scores are required to qualify to register for FDMAT 108:

  • an ACT Math Sub Score less than 18
  • (if you took the SAT before 2016) an SAT Math Section Score less than 430
  • (if you took the SAT during or after 2016) an SAT Math Section Score less than 470*

*Note: This is the Section Score, NOT the Test Score.

If students have not achieved the required score on their ACT or SAT, they have 2 options to qualify themselves to register for FDMAT 108:

  1. Take the ALEKS placement exam and achieve the qualifying ALEKS score (the ALEKS placement exam will allow multiple attempts and provides a study guide between attempts).
  2. Take Math 100B and achieve a grade of C or higher.

Detailed information about the ALEKS placement exam is available at the following website: Students can register for and complete the ALEKS placement exam as soon as they are admitted to BYU-daho.

Contact the BYU- Idaho Math department with your questions at or (208) 496-7521.


  • Students with an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree before arriving at BYU-Idaho may disregard this requirement.
  • Students with college credit for Intermediate Algebra (with a "B" grade or better), College Algebra, or Pre-Calculus may disregard this requirement.
  • Students who already have credit for Math 100B at BYU-Idaho with a "B" grade or better may disregard this requirement.

General Studies 105: Study and Life Skills


The purpose of this course is to:

  • Introduce students to the BYU-Idaho Learning Model and culture
  • Equip students with basic college study skills
  • Familiarize students with campus resources
  • Connect students with academic planning tools and their best major and career options.

Sections of GS105 college Success will be visible on the registration system on the day that new freshmen are eligible to register.

More about the Academic Transitions program

Students in Academic Transition classes are fully matriculated and the credits count towards graduation.  Students may take other major, foundation, and elective classes at the same time they are taking transitional classes.  The transitional courses are kept to 25 students and are taught by highly nurturing and qualified faculty members who are transitional experts in their disciplines.  In addition to the individual attention given by the faculty, the math and English courses use embedded tutors in order to give each student the additional individual attention they want and need.

Other elective classes to consider

  • English 107 College Reading (3 credits)
  • English 109 Writing for International (second language) Students
  • English 151 Introduction to Literature (3 credits)
  • General Studies (GS) 102 Study Skills (1 credit)
  • GS 103 A-F Study Skills Online Modules (.5 credits each)
  • GS 100 Career Exploration (1 credit)
  • GS 101 Principles of Personal Achievement (2 credits)
  • Communications 175 (2 credits)