Academic Standards

Good Warning Probation Suspension Dismissal

Click any Academic Standing button or Chutes & Ladders box to learn more about each Academic Standing.

All students start on Good Academic Standing (first green block).  If a student fails to meet the Academic Standards the first time they slide to Warning.  A student may then climb their way out of Warning back to Good.

If a student fails to meet the Academic Standards a second, third, or fourth time they slide to Probation, then Suspension and Dismissal.

If you feel you struggle in school, President Clark has a message of encouragement below.

Good Warning Probation Suspension Dismissal

To remain on Good Academic Standing, meet the following Academic Standards:

You will move to academic Warning if any one of the following accurs:

  • Less than 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Less than 1.0 semester GPA
  • Less than 75% semester SAP


Why does BYU–Idaho have academic standards?

BYU—Idaho has Academic Standards to help students safeguard the sacred church resources expended in their behalf. Academic Standards are also the university's way to hold students accountable for the mastery of educational curriculum deemed essential for a degree from BYU—Idaho.

Why is SAP important?

There are two reasons why Satisfactory Academic Progress is important:

  • to encourage efficient completion of degree requirements
  • to safeguard sacred church resources used by each student at BYU-Idaho

Who can answer additional questions regarding BYU-Idaho’s academic standards?

Additional questions regarding Academic Standing can be directed to, (208) 496-1023, or Kimball 190. When contacting us, please begin your statement with "I have a question about Academic Standing...." Prefacing your question this way allows us to route your question to the right department.

What is a "W" grade and how does it affect me?

A "W" grade is an unearned grade and will affect your SAP.