Lifelong Spirituality & Leadership

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Students learn how to become capable leaders by applying the Student Leadership Model.

Student Leadership

In addition to a degree and a marketable skill set, every BYU-Idaho graduate leaves campus prepared for leadership in their families, their communities, the workplace, and the Church. This preparation is accomplished through the Student Leadership Model.

BYU-Idaho students are given a variety of leadership opportunities through campus employment, classroom experiences, involvement in wards and stakes, the Student Activities Program, and other extracurricular options. Thousands of students fill leadership roles in university departments, gaining valuable skills related to their chosen fields of study.

In these various settings, students develop and refine their leadership abilities through preparation, action, and reflection--all under the guidance and supervision of a seasoned advisor. This model is augmented by low student-to-faculty ratios, allowing for direct communication and more opportunities for leadership. Additionally, administrators and faculty build curriculum that trains and prepares future leaders in each discipline.

Student Leadership Model